Identify at least 2 psychology theories that helps explain your research topic

Signature Assignment, you will select
one of the following applied psychology topics and write an 8-10 page
research paper that includes at least 6-8 resources :Conflict Resolution
Use the following articles:
1. Restorative Justice in Schools:The Influence of Race on restorative Discipline -Payne, Allison Ann; Welch, Kelly
Source: Youth & Society”, v47

2:Disengaging from Conflict Cycles- Long, Nicholas j
Source: Reclaiming Children & Youth, v23

3: Living Peace: An Exploration of Experiential Peace Education, Conflict Resolution & Violence Prevention Programs for Youth- Heller, Shannon;Johnston,Linda M.
source:Journal of Peace Education,v6

4.Conflict Resolution Education. A guide to Implementing Program in Schools, Youth-Serving Organizations, and Community and Juvenile Justice settings. Program Report- Crawford, donna Bodine, Richard
Source 145pp.

5.Adolescents;mothers’ and fathers gendered coping stragities during conflict:Youth & parent influence on conflict resolution & psychopathology. – MARCEAU, KRISTINE 1,2
(1) Why is your topic of interest related to the field of applied

You can choose 2 more resources

(2) Identify at least 2 psychology theories that helps explain your
research topic
(3) How is your topic being measured or evaluated in the field of
(4) What does the current research results suggest with respect to
your topic?, and (5) Share your specific personal experiences or case
examples of your topic in everyday life

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