Investigate faculty roles in nursing or health in a community college versus a university setting and prepare a presentation about the similarities and differences in the faculty roles

The purpose of this course is to ensure you can incrementally each week develop a section of your overall Design Implementation Proposal due in Unit 5. To ensure you have a complete proposal, you must accomplish 1 section per week to complete the design artifact.

This first week, you will need to select 1 project from 3 different organizational software design projects:

Client/server design
Project Web-based design
Sales user interface design project
In this first developmental phase, your Design Implementation Proposal must have an outline for the implementation work to be done, the objectives, constraints, requirements, diagrams, and design description needed to describe the implementation for the client.

For this first assignment, provide the outline for your Design Implementation Proposal and the introduction section. The introduction should briefly state the purpose of the system and the software to which your design implementation proposal document applies. It should describe the general nature of the system and software; summarize the history of system development, operation, and maintenance; and identify the project client.

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