Nursing Leadership assignment assistance

Nursing Leadership assignment assistance
If I can get assistance with this assignment-”>Week 5 Assignment 1 (W5A1
Changing Agent Paper: The purpose of this paper is to provide the students the opportunity to identify a need for change in health delivery in their unit, analyze, and design a plan for change. In this paper, the student will consider an issue relevant to delivery of care at their place of work that need to be or could be changed to improve care delivery. The issue can be relevant to clients, nurses, other health care providers, safety, nursing issue, etc.Please follow the Assignment/ Paper guidline as described below and in the syllabus. Make sure you address all points in the paper guidelines below:
Grading Criteria for Changing Agent Paper
Possible Points
Points Earned/Comments
The proposed topic for change is relevant to health care delivery and practice.
The students was able to design the change:
• What is the purpose?
• Is the change necessary?
• Is the change technically correct?
• Will the change work?
• Is there a better way?
There is a plan for the implementation of the change:
• Is there resistance by the staff? Why?
• Is the resistance justified?
• What can be done to prevent or overcome resistance?
How would you Implement the Change:
• What is the magnitude of the change?
• What is the complexity?
• What is the pace? Gradual or at once?
• What do you expect stress level will be during implementation?
• Would the change be integrated into everyday operations? Describe how.
• Would the change be well accepted?
Paragraphs stay on topic and well developed throughout paper with specific details, examples, or explanations.
Writing style is neat and consistent with the Herzing University “grading rubric for written assignment” as described in this syllabus.
-Use APA format
-3-5 pages excluding, cover page, abstract, and references.

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