Review of Journal Articles

Subject: Sociology
Journal Articles Review Instructions (15 points)
Find 3 refereed empirical (quantitative or qualitative) journal articles that address the effectiveness of social work treatment or interventions related to a topic of your interest. The articles should be in your expected area of concentration (CYF or CMH). Think ahead to the literature review assignment and link this assignment to it. Analyze them using the criteria below

For each article:
1. identify the research question,
2. research the approach (exploratory, descriptive, explanatory) and explain why,
3. describe the research design,
4. key findings,
5. conclusions
Each article review should be a minimum of 1-page, single-spaced. Include an APA style reference page that correctly identifies each article reviewed. Use PsycINFO, Medline, Sociological Abstract, Social Services Abstract, or some other literature database search engine (e.g. Google Scholar) to find relevant articles.

Required Format (each bold heading is required):
Article Title, Author and Publication Information (follow APA style manual)
Research Question
Research Approach
Research Design
Key Findings
Conclusions, including:Usefulness to Social Work:
o Note any issues related to ethics & cultural competence, social justice/advocacy
o Include a rating on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being most useful and discuss the reasons for your ratings

Criterion Possible points

Using APA style, including accurate Reference List 2
Following requested format (using all the bold headings listed above) 2
Analyzing the articles using critical thinking skills 4
Demonstrating mastery of the research skills studied in class 2
Critiquing usefulness to SW & recommended future research 2
Using graduate level writing skills: grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, and APA style reference page 3
Total Points 15
Running Head: Journal Article

Research Question
How do culture and values influence the nature of the caregiving relationship between a Hispanic caregiver and a family member with Alzheimer’s?

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