To What Extent Is It Possible To Move Beyond The Idea Of Race? (Essay Sample)

Attention Grabber
2-3 sentences elaborating (expanding/explaining) on the Attention Grabber and connecting it to the essay topic/thesis sentence by providing background information to help the reader better understand the essay topic and your point of view on the topic.
Introduction of Authors (include the following information for each author you are writing about)
Authors name
Title of book/passage
1-2 sentences describing/summarizing the message/moral/themes of the reading and how it connects to your essay topic
Context specific definitions for any key terms from the readings and essay prompt and how those key terms relate to the essay topic
Thesis sentence
Needs to present your opinion on the essay prompt topic
Needs to reference the topics of each of the 3 body paragraphs and how they relate to the essay topic
Needs to explain what you are trying to convey (say) about the essay topic
2.Body Paragraphs each body paragraph (3 body paragraphs needed) should contain the following information
Topic Sentence
Tells what this entire paragraph is about and how it relates to your opinion and the thesis
Transition to introduce first example/quote and connect/relate the topic sentence to the quote/example
Unpacking of the quote/example: put the quote/example into your own words and give context to the quote/example
Analyze and elaborate the quote/example and explain how it connects to your thesis sentence, your essay topic, and other quotes/examples already given in the paragraph
Transition to the next quote/example
Repeat steps #3-6 for each quote/example needed for the paragraph. Paragraphs should contain between 1-3 quotes/examples
Concluding sentence that summarizes your argument/point of the entire paragraph and transitions/links it to the topic of the next body paragraph or to the conclusion if it is the last body paragraph
3.Conclusion this is basically just the introduction in reverse
Reword your thesis statement
Summarize each of your body paragraphs into its own sentence. This means you should have a total of 3 sentences with each sentence summarizing the topic/information/point of a different body paragraph.
A Call to Action
Why does this essay/your argument matter? Why should the reader care about what you have to say?
What can/should the reader and other people do with the information you have provided in your essay? What message should your reader be walking away with?
***Each body should contain two quotes from different given essays.
Two given essays:
P539-546: “Preface and The New Civil Rights” by Kenji Yoshiko
P300-311: “The End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples” by Steve Olson
should contain page number after every quote.
Thank You!


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